Aikido Sensei visited and conduct regular seminars with Makoto Aikido  

Japan Nagoya

Kimori Dojo 

Toshiharu Sawada Shihan 7th Dan  
 Toshiharu Sawada shihan 7th Dan, Chief Instructor of Kimori Dojo, Nogoya , Japan. He began his aikido training in 1965 after entering university and trained under the guidance of Kazuo Chiba shihan, Norihiko Ichihashi shihan and Nobuyuki Watanabe shihan. Sawada shihan began weapons training during his apprenticeship with Chiba shihan and over time developed his own unique weapons techniques. His weapons techniques clearly demonstrate a connection with empty-handed techniques in Aikido. He has been visiting Makoto Aikido annually since 2015 to conduct training seminar in Singapore.

Japan Hombu Dojo 

Makoto Ito Shihan 6th Dan 
 Makoto Ito Shihan 6th Dan is with the International Department and conduct regular classes at Hombu Dojo.  He has been invited to Singapore since 2013 annually to conduct Training seminar & Yudansha grading for Makoto Aikido / Gurkha Dojo.

Japan Hombu Dojo 

Irie Yoshinobu Shihan 7th Dan  
 Irie Yoshinobu Shihan 7th Dan is a regular instructor at Hombu Dojo. He visit Indonesia Ikiru Dojo annually and he had visited Makoto Aikido Singapore in 2018. 

Japan Nagoya 

Ishikai Aikikai 

Eiichi Nakayama Sensei 6th Dan  
Eiichi Nakayama 6th Dan is a senior student of Seizo Takimoto Shihan 7th Dan of Owari Aikikai, Nogoya, Japan. He is the Technical Director of Ishukai Aikikai formed in July 2001 and is a very close friend to Bernie Ho Sensei since 2000. He started his friendship visit to Makoto Aikido since 2013 and has been conducting seminar with Makoto Aikido annually. In 2019, he had bought along 13 members from his Dojo and we had a wonderful and successful interaction among members.

Japan Tokyo

Gessoji Dojo   

Takeki Tsuboi Shiahn 8th Dan 
Tsuboi Sensei began training Aikido in 1961 when he entered Waseda University and he is the senior student of Hiroshi Tada Shihan 9th Dan. He had trained at Hombu Dojo under O-Sensei, the late Kisshomaru Ueshiba Doshu, and other senior instructors. In the past 35 years, Tsuboi Sensei has been training and teaching at Gessoji Dojo, of which Tada Sensei is the chief instructor. He currently ranks 8th Dan in Aikido and is the chief instructor of Waseda University.  Tsuboi Sensei has helped spread Aikido to Italy and other parts of Europe for the past 50 years. He visited Makoto Aikido Singapore in 2017 during his transit to Australia with a group of university students.

Japan Kyoto

Irie Dojo Aikikai  

Irie Yasuhito Sensei 6th Dan 
Irie Yasuhito Sensei 6th Dan is a student of Hiroshi Tada Shihan 9th Dan. He is the Chief Instructor of Aikido Irie Dojo in Kyoto, Japan. He visited Singapore Makoto Aikido in 2016.

Japan Nagoya 

Owari Aikikai 

Seizo Takimoto Sensei 7th Dan
Seizo Takimoto Shihan 7th Dan Chief Instructor of Owari Aikikai. He began Aikido at Aichi Gakuin University 1969 under Norihiko Ichihashi Shihan, Nobuyuki Watanabe Shihan and Kazuo Chiba Shihan. Beside teaching at his Dojos, he also conducted classes at 7 junior high school, one high school, one Kindergarten and three culture centers. He visited Singapore Makoto Aikido in 2014 with a group of his students and in 2019 on his transit to Malaysia. He is an advisor of Aichi-Aikido Federation and also a Shihan in Japanese calligraphy.

Hong Kong 

YubuKan Aikikai 

Hitoshi Nagai Sensei 6th Dan  
IHitoshi Nagai Sensei, 6th Dan is the Chief Instructor of Yubukan Aikikai Hong Kong. He visited Singapore Makoto Aikido in 2015.



Hironobu Yamada Shihan 8th Dan 
Hironobu Yamada Shihan 8th Dan began his Aikido training in 1963 at Jiyugaoka Dojo in Tokyo under Hiroshi Tada Shihan. In 1976, he established his first dojo, "JAL Aikido Club" at Narita International airport. Since then, he has gone on to establish more Aikido dojos in the Chiba Prefecture of Japan under Hokuso Aikikai. Yamada Sensei also conduct Aikido seminar oversea in Russia, Holland, Brazil, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. He visited Singapore Makoto Aikido in 2013.

New Zealand 


Simon Puffett Sensei 6th Dan 
Simon Puffett Sensei 6th Dan from New Zealand Shinryukan Auckland is the senior student of Nobuo Takase Shihan 7th Dan Chief Instructor of Aikido Shinryukan and Technical Director for New Zealand Aikikai. Simon Sensei visited Makoto Aikido Singapore in 2012 & 2013



Jack Sato Sensei 6th Dan 
Jack Sato Sensei 6th Dan is a direct student of Hiroshi Tada Shihan 9th Chief Instructor of Gessoji Dojo Tokyo, Japan. He is living in Perth, Australia and is the Managing Director of Oyu Tolgoi  a Mongolia Mining Company. He visits Singapore in transit on business trip and visit Makoto Aikido many times


Philippe Orban Sensei 6th Dan 
Philippe Orban, 6th dan Aikikai and very close student of Christian Tissier for many years. Philippe Sensei decided to move abroad and open a dojo in Leipzig (Germany). He visited Makoto Aikido Singapore in 2014

New Zealand 

Shinryukai - Canterbury

Andrew Williamson Shihan 6th Dan 
Andrew William Shihan  6th Dan from New Zealand Shinryukan Canterbury is the senior student of Nobuo Takase Shihan 7th Dan Chief Instructor of Aikido Shinryukan and Technical Director for New Zealand Aikikai. He visited Makoto Aikido Singapore in 2010, 2011 & 2012.
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