Chief Instructor
Bernie Ho Sensei
Aikido go-dan 五段
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Bernie Ho Sensei 5th Dan Aikikai is retired Army & Police Officer. He had served in the Commando for 22 years & Gurkha Contingent for 18 years.

He had started Aikido training in 1998 and was founder of the Gurkha Dojo in 1999. He had attained his 1st Dan Aikikai in 2003 and was a volunteer PA Aikido Instructor at both Kembangan CC and Kim Seng CC.

In 2010, he was appointed the Chief Instructor of Gurkha Dojo/ Officer in charge of unarmed combat training. At the same time, with the blessing of Japan Hombu Dojo, he started Makoto Aikido and had a training dojo with Boon Tiong RC.

In 2011, Bernie Ho Sensei started a private Dojo at Singapore Judo Federation and it has become the main dojo for Makoto Aikido.

In 2015, Makoto Aikido / Gurkha Dojo was officially recognized by Japan Hombu Dojo and Bernie Ho Sensei has been given the authority to conduct Dan grading.

In 2017, Bernie Ho Sensei was promoted to 5th Dan Aikikai by Japan Hombu Dojo and was appointed as adviser to the Gurkha Dojo.

In 2018, Bernie Ho Sensei started Marina Bay Dojo. He has a total of 100 security officers training under him.

In Jan 2020 he started another new Dojo at Jurong West Sports Center under Active SG.  

In 2020, He was invited to be the Martial Art consultant for Astree Internation Pte Ltd and assist them is training the Police Defense Tactics with the Police Academy.

In Oct 2020, he had joined NTUC training hub conducting unarmed combat course for ICA officers.

In March 2021, he went through the SAF Close Combat Instructor Course and is working parting time conducting Close Combat training with the SAF troops under Liang Seng Pte Ltd/ CISCO.

In March 2022, Bernie Ho sensei had successfully completed the Contact Tactics Senior trainer's course conductor by Training Command at Home Team Academy.

Bernie Ho Sensei is a full time Aikido instructor and his objective is to promote Aikido will a high standard of instruction in self-defense to all gender & ages. His school emphasize the important of harmony, discipline, self -control & self -confidence. 

Assistant Instructor
Alison Wong
Aikido Yon-dan 四 段
Assistant Instructor
Norman Teo
Aikido  三段