COVID -19 update Dec 2021

Makoto Aikido is pleased to announce :

1. Singapore Judo Federation Dojo:

Classes will be on every Thur 7.00pm to 8.15 pm and 8.30pm to 9.45 pm and Sunday 2pm to 3.15 pm for adults & 3.30pm to 4.45pm for families and children with a total of 20 students in one class. At the moment, there are still a few vacancies for the following slots:

a. Thur 7pm to 8.15 pm 

b. Thur 8.30pm to 9.45 pm class

c. Sunday 2 pm class to 3.15 pm class. 

d. Sunday 3.30pm to 4.45 pm class

2. Jurong West Dojo will be starting a new children class on Fri 4.45 pm to 6pm for age 6 years to 12 years old. We are allow to have 12 students in the class.

On Sat afternoon classes, we are allow to have 10 students in one class and we are having 3 x classes at 2.30pm to 3.45 pm for families & children & 4pm to 5.15 pm for adults and children and 5.30pm to 6.45 pm for adults . At the moment, there are still a few vacancies.

3. Boon Tiong RC Dojo children class is allow to have 20 students in one class and there are still a few vacancies. 

4. Gurkha Dojo has started training in Jan 2022. 

5. Marina Bay Dojo will resume training in May 2022.