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Makoto Aikido is pleased to announce :

1. Singapore Judo Federation Dojo:

Classes will be on every Thur 8pm to 9.15 pm and Sunday 2pm to 3.15 pm both for adults & children 6 years and above. 

2. Jurong West Dojo 

On Sat afternoon classes, we are allow to have 10 students in one class and we are having 3 x classes at 2.30pm to 3.45 pm for families & children & 4pm to 5.15 pm for children and 5.30pm to 6.45 pm for adults . At the moment, the 3 x classes are full. 

3. Boon Tiong RC Dojo children class will be closing end of Dec 2022. A new Dojo Kim Send CC Dojo will start in Jan 2023. Student from Boon Tiong RC Dojo will cross over and we can have a maximum of 20 students in the class. The class will be on every Monday 7.30pm to 8.30pm. Registration will start on line end of Dec 2022. The classes started in quarter Jan 23 to March with 16 students. 

4. Gurkha Dojo has started training in Jan 2022.


5. Marina Bay Dojo had resume training in May 2022. 

6. Eiichi Nakayama Sensei 7th Dan from Ishukai Aikido Nagoya Japan will be visiting Makoto Aikido between 3 Feb 2023 to 8 Feb 2023. A friendship seminar will be organized over the weekend of Sat 4 Feb 23 & Sun 5 Feb 2023. However, due to COVID safety measures, the seminar is for Hombu Dojo work group members only. He will also be visiting Kim Seng CC Dojo, Gurkha Dojo & Marina Bay Dojo. 

7. A new Dojo started in Woodland name Spectra Dojo. The class had started on 20 March 2023 with 15 students.

8. Bernie Ho will lead a team from Singapore to attend Hombu Seminar in Taiwan conducted by Makoto Ito Shihan between 14 April 2023 to 17 April 2023.

9. Hombu Dojo Makoto Ito Shihan will be doing his annual visit to Singapore between Wed 28 June 2023 to Mon 3 July 2023. A training seminar & Yudansha Grading will be organized during his visit. Due to COVID safety measure. The seminar is for Hombu Dojo working group members only. 

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